Homer’s Genius Project

It was a normal day in the small town of springfield that at the moe's bar, homer heard about cryptocurrencies
he who usually has no entrepreneurial spirit (or anything else for that matter) saw in this opportunity the way to be able to afford more duff beer but also to develop the local economy. So he used his imagination to create the HOMER COIN, but he didn't imagine how much his project would impact the entire universe!

Hold To Earn

Homer would have loved to receive passive income whilst eating donuts and sleeping on the job at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, so, he decided his project would pay holders 2% of all transactions made. Each wallet that holds more than 420 Homer Coins will automatically receive more Homer Coin in the wallet. The more Homer Coins you own, the more you earn! Mmmmm free coins....

Auto Burns

Mr Burns being the evil genius that he is, heard about the Homer Project and wanted to destroy it so he could copy it. He decided to make Smithers secretly insert a function that burns 1% of all Homer Coins traded so they disappear from the total supply forever! This however backfired and instead it created scarcity and increased the value of Homer Coin. Excellent....


Homer has lived in Springfield for a long time and he wanted the world to discover the town he loves so much! He enlisted the help of Professor Frink "HOYVIN-GLAVIN!" to create a metaverse. Entering the 3rd dimension the Springfield characters can participate in P2E and collect Homer Coins. This will happen in the future when Professor Frink fixes his time machine.

The Token

Marketing/Airdrops : 7% 1.47M
Development Tokens : 3% 630K
CEX Liquidity : 20% 4.2M
Presale: 70% 14.7M
-> Investors : 9.7M
-> Dex Liquidity : 4.93M

Buy Sell Transfer Tax:-
- Reflection: 2%
- Auto-Burn: 1%
- Marketing: 5%
- Development: 2%

The Team